The world of Myr is one with a long history. Once a world of unknowns, Myr has been mapped and is entering a sort of Renaissance period. The three nations that inhabit its three continents are built on the ruins of several ancient civilizations, and their rich history is celebrated by many.

The Kingdom of Kest Moraine is a two century old nation built on the ancient civilization of Arnd, after a religious revolution deposed the long standing ruler, Lady Denau, with the Holy Patriarch of the Sun Kest Moraine, who came to be crowned as King by the now ruling church. Kest Moraine would ascend to godhood some fifty years later through unknown means as one of the two sun gods. The Kingdom still bears his name as his heirs succeed each other on the throne, a royal family that still rules today in the Capital City of S’Raia.

Eod is a nation in name alone. Eod is wild, Eod is anarchy, Eod is freedom. Formed recently when the former kingdom of Melchorvan dissolved amidst tensions between the City-State of Winterhaven, and a growing distrust in the charismatic yet irresponsible King Ne’leaf prompted him to step down from the throne, dissolve the monarchy, and disappear. If Eod is said to have a universal government at all, it is of the dwarfish clans and their trade caravans with the rest of the northern part of the continent (as the south is a swamp inhabited by numerous elfish tree villages, impossible to traverse by said caravans).

The Empire is mysterious. Formerly known as The Empire of the Red Dragon, the war-torn empire seemed to one day change leadership. The current Empress’ identity is entirely unknown, her royal fortress forbidden to all but her inner circle. Little trade and tourism goes to and from the land, so little is known about the state of the land and government there. All there is to be known for sure is that dangerous events are originating from the mountains on the continent, and an explosion that shook the world some hundred years ago split the mountain range in half and spewed fire and fiends from the crevasse. Since then, magical disturbances have originated from the land, a grave omen to those who know of them.

This campaign uses an entirely homebrewed setting and all official 5E Dungeons & Dragons material, including the Unearthed Arcana.

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