Drow Cleric of Corellon


Amaire is a drow just passed her hundredth birthday. She can be somewhat intimidating in appearance as she is tall for an drow female and has a muscular body from years of martial training. However if one were to look into her silver eyes they could tell she has a kind and gentle nature. As with most drow she has obsidian colored skin and mostly stark white hair that is usually pulled back into a braid that hangs down her back. Her hair is mostly stark white because a single lock of it is the dark black color of raven’s feathers. Amaire doesn’t know this, but that lock of dark black hair is a trait unique to her family. Heavy armor is what one would mostly see her dressed in, though if you caught her out of it her clothes tend to be simple and subdued. Learning to use a longsword and shield at a young age those are her armaments of choice. Her most prized possession is her shield that serves as her holy symbol of Corellon. It was a gift from her adoptive mother given to her upon her completion of training.


Amaire’s story starts before she was born. Her birth mother was head of a noble house in the underdark and a proud high priestess of Loth. However Amaire’s birth mother was overthrown by her eldest daughter and banished to the surface while she was pregnant with Amaire. Amaire’s mother gave birth to her on the surface then died while Amaire was still too young to remember. Bandits found Amaire wandering by the side of road, and took her in to keep as a pet of sorts. During her time with the bandits she suffered cruel and abusive behavior from them, but she also learned certain skills for thievery. However while Amaire was still just a girl the bandits she accompanied them when they attacked a merchant. Unfortunately for the bandits the merchant was traveling with a powerful high elf cleric of Corellon named Amanis Tyrshylar. Amanis easily defeated the bandits and those who could flee did leaving Amaire behind. When Amanis saw the poor condition that Amaire was in she was filled with pity for the girl and offered to take her in. Amaire was fearful, but accepted Amanis’s offer. Amanis then gave Amaire her name and they soon came to love each other as a mother and daughter. As a child Amaire traveled with Amanis all around Eod. When they met Amaire knew very little about the drow or why people hated them. However she quickly learned these things as Amanis would often battle drow raiding parties to help protect the people of Eod. Though she was met mostly by mistrust and hatred by the people she encountered Amaire had some few that she could call family and friends, so had a mostly happy childhood. Because of her deep love and admiration for Amanis, Amaire decided from a young age that she wanted to follow in her footsteps and become a cleric of Corellon. This pleased Amanis a great deal, and when Amaire was ready Amanis gifted her with a shield to serve as her holy symbol of Corellon. Amaire then put her all into showing the world that the drow could be a good and noble people if they were out from under the influence of Loth. After a time adventuring with Amanis, Amaire decided it was time to strike out on her own. Amanis thought she was somewhat immature and prone to letting her emotions dictate her actions, but she agreed that it was time for Amaire make her own mark on the world. Hoping to live up to Amanis’s example Amaire set off to become an adventurer that traveled the world doing good. Her destination was the hamlet of Fallcrest. Her hope was to meet and join up with a group of like minded adventurers at the annual First Sun Trade Festival.

After the fall(Episode 1) – Amaire is pleased to have already had a chance to help people. However she is starting to have doubts about the honorable intentions of some of the people she has fallen in with.

Birth of the first sun six(Episode 2) – After leaving Fallcrest Amaire is looking forward to working with her new adventuring group. However she is in for a rude awaking when she finds she must kill prisoners as part of her audition for Whitegrove. Killing prisoners, no matter what their crime may be, goes against her core value of redemption. Her heart is full of uncertainty as she enters the arena.

The darkness of the arena(Episode 3) – Amaire is disgusted by the events in the arena. After the battles she has both mistrust and anger toward Vexen and DeLoach. However she finds she may have new purpose when she meets with the Red Scales Assassins.

The clearing of the keep(Episode 4) – During the trip to Denau manor Amaire has had a chance to temper her anger at some of the other party members. Yet she finds that Vexen usually has something to say that pisses her off. However her anger is quickly redirected at the kobolds in the keep once she witnesses some of their atrocities.

Victory of the dragon slayers(Episode 5) – After landing one of the killing blows on the green dragon in the keep Amaire is feeling more like the adventurer that she wanted to be when she left Eod. She now thinks she has a better handle on who her companions are as well. She feels that Luke and Lenny have good hearts like herself. She hopes they will see her as a friend like she sees them. Hurgon seems to be good natured if not very bright. He actually reminds her of her friend Runa. The major difference being that Hurgon doesn’t run around in a metal bikini and try to sleep with every woman he meets. All and all Amaire is happy to man the front line with Hurgon. She has decided that DeLoach is not a bad person when he is not being a complete racist or listening to Vexen too much. Strangely he seems to only really have a hatred of Dragonborn. Amaire doesn’t really know what to make of this. She hasn’t had much experience dealing with Dragonborn. She can’t possibly believe that all are as horrible as he says. She is sure there are good people among every race. Last there is Vexen. She is sure the man is an unrepentant ass and a cheat. Amaire doesn’t really think he is evil though. She just knows that he will always do what is in his best interest and only his best interest. She is happy with that because she feels she can use it to her advantage to help her friends in the Red Scales Assassins. It does worry her that it may be her drow nature, but she has no problem using people like Vexen and Whitegrove as tools to achieve the greater good. She is aware just how slippery of a slope that is though.

The next steps(Episode 6) – Amaire is pleased with what she has accomplished in S’Raia. The letters they found in the keep gave them some good leads on how to help her friends in the Red Scales Assassins. She even managed to accomplish getting the temple of Avandra at the keep rebuilt. This provides two benefits for her. First she believes it will help gain the favor of Avandra, a goddess she has always respected. Other thing she believes it will accomplish is giving her a direct link to her friends in the Red Scales Assassins. Amaire fully believes that there is corruption in the church of Kest Moraine and that it is a threat to the world. She is fully committed to fighting against that. She also believes that Lenny and Luke would join her in that fight. She doesn’t think DeLoach or Vexen would be interested in saving the world, but she believes she can manipulate both them and Whitegrove into helping her. However this has proved more difficult than she thought thanks to Luke and Lenny. She had thought it was clear that the plan was to hide the real reason they wanted to go to Eod and appeal completely to DeLoach and Vexen’s mercenary nature. However her friends immediately told the others of why they wanted to go. Everything did work out in the end though. They have another job in Port Laetoril first, but Amaire is pleased with this as she is in no hurry to go back to Eod.


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