Gods & Goddesses

The Pantheon of this world is diverse, some divines ancient and some newly arisen to their calling.

Antaeus (often incorrectly referred to as “The Red Dragon”) is the devil god of the Nine Hells. He is a god of vengeance for those unjustly wronged, and a patron to the genasi along with Nusemnee. He is the founder of The Empire of the Red Dragon, who slew Asmodeus and took his place among the Pantheon. His subordinate arch-devils rebel against his rule, but he has stayed in power thus far. Lawful Neutral.

Avandra is the patron of traders, travelers, and adventurers, as well as of the halfling race, as she favored their free spirits. A symbol of freedom, luck, and change, she provides protection to all who would risk themselves outside the safety of civilization. She is the wife to Melora. Chaotic Good.

Bahamut is the Platinum Dragon, a symbol of protection and a being of incredible good. The patron of dragonborn and all who defend the weak. He was created when the dragon god Io was split in two during a battle in the Dawn War at the start of time. He is eternally at odds with his counterpart, the dragon goddess Tiamat. Lawful Good.

Corellon is the patron to the elves and the god of all magic, as well as being a supporter of the arts. They are married to their wife, Sehanine, and are the enemy of Lolth and the drow. Chaotic Good.

Gruumsh is the god of chaos and the patron of the orcs. Called "the One-Eyed God" after Corellon cut out his eye in battle, his insanity and fury push him and his followers to cause rampant death and destruction to all. Chaotic Evil.

He Who Waits is the god of death, war, torture, and imprisonment. He is known for slaying the two previous gods of death and taking their mantle, seeking to increase his power by subjecting the world to endless war, growing the number of souls in his possession. Lawful Evil.

Ioun is the god of knowledge, both magical and mundane. The patron to scholars and researchers, she commands all her followers to learn as much as they can and share their knowledge freely with the world. True Neutral.

Kest Moraine is the god of the Second Sun. Having ascended to godhood less than two centuries ago, his deitic form is still unknown to most, but he does provide his blessing to his former kingdom, and thus is widely considered benevolent. Neutral Good.

Kord is the god of battle and patron of soldiers. While he does not condone pointless war, he urges his followers to rise up when they must, even if they may risk losing their lives on the battlefield. True Neutral.

Lolth is the god of spiders and the patron of the drow. From her home in the Demonweb, her slow descent into insanity compels her followers to seek war with elfkind and causes drow society to be a mess of intrigue and betrayal. Chaotic Evil.

Melora is the goddess of the sea, the wilds, and the First Moon. She is the patron to fishermen and sailors, as well as the patron to those afflicted by lycanthropy. She created the halflings, but abandoned them some time after. She protects the wild from abominations and encourages those who can to hunt and kill aberrants wherever they may be. Chaotic Neutral.

Moradin is the patron and savior of all dwarves. His divine actions saved the race from an eternity of slavery under the giants. He is a god of craftsmanship and order. Lawful Good.

Nusemnee is the patron of rebellion, redemption, and good-aligned assassins, as well as a lesser patron to the genasi. She is the daughter of Zehir, and rebelled against his rule after a life of serving his evil deeds. She offers hope to all who are oppressed. Chaotic Good.

Pelor is a god of the First Sun and formerly a lesser god of time. He is a patron to farmers, the common folk, and humankind. Neutral Good.

Ronen is the god-emperor of Chron, the City Lost in Time. He is a god of time, justice, civilization, and technology. He sits in the center of his city in the Eternal Quarter, the throne that marks his power, which he never rises from. Lawful Neutral.

Sehanine is the goddess of love, mysteries, and the Second Moon, an enemy to undead, and the wife of Corellon. She considers herself a patron to lycanthropes as well, but more monster hunters worship her than shifters, as her “gifts” to lycanthropes come from the “freedom” and “release” of a silver sword. Chaotic Neutral.

Tiamat is the god of chromatic dragons, and a patron to all of dragonkin outside of dragonborn. She seeks to destroy Bahamut and conquer his domain. Lawful Evil.

Vecna is the god of secrets and the undead, as well as a patron to many warlocks and evil wizards. Little is known about him, except that he was once a mortal who became a lich and then a deity. His followers are rewarded with his knowledge and power, but his secrets always have a price. Neutral Evil.

Zehir is the god of assassins, poisons, snakes, darkness, and the void. He commands his followers to sow disorder among their enemies to create openings to strike them down in one blow. Neutral Evil.

Gods & Goddesses

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